Solar Passage, 2011

For Familjebostäder’s new block of flats, Kvarteret Torken in Hammarby Sjöstad, Bigert & Bergström have created a new work of art based on the passage of the sun across the sky. Solar Passage consists of five glowing ‘solar discs’ and an artificially heated archipelago bathing rock.

The five luminous discs, reflecting a rainbow of colours, point out the sun’s position at every hour of the day. Linked to a computer with 365 different light scenarios, the discs are a modern sundial where the viewer can intuitively read both the time of day and the season. The discs glow yellow at noon, with just a hint of blue horizon at the edges of the outermost circles. At night they pulsate a deep midnight blue.

The sunbathing rock appears to be a bit of the natural surroundings that was left behind when the building was erected. The main entrance, with steps up to the courtyard, appears to have been built around the rock, where visitors can sit down and watch traffic in the roundabout. When you sit on the rock, it feels like the residual warmth of the sun after a long summer day. This is even more noticeable in the colder, darker part of the year, when the rock still provides a warming break for passers-by.

The concept behind Solar Passage was to try and restore a bit of the natural world in the built environment. The sun rarely finds its way to the north side of city buildings, where the entrance is located; normally you can only guess where the sun is.

Solar Passage
Photo: Michael Perlmutter
Bigert & Bergström 2011


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Represented by:
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Galerie Barbara Thumm, Berlin
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