Moments of Silence, 2014, 14 min. DCP

At certain times, dates and places, pedestrians halt, traffic stops and silence ensues. For just a moment, generally counted in minutes, the world is a frozen arrow pointing at the thought of something important, so important that it should never be forgotten. As a meditative memento on the importance of a collective memory, we have compiled a series of these moments into a film. Together these sampled minutes of silence reflect one of few activities that bring people together regardless of religion, race or cultural background.

The archival material outlines a mute history of tragedy and grief, often staged against a backdrop of natural disasters and violent conflict. But the footage is also a reminder of the stoic nature of humans, never accepting the horrors of terror attacks, war or rogue killers.



World premiere at CPH:DOX, New Vision Award section
Copenhagen International Film Festival
6-16 Nov, 2014

IDFA, Paradocs
International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam
19-30 Nov, 2014

XII SITAC conference Arte, Justamente | Just Art
Centro Cultural del Bosque, Mexico City

22–24 Jan, 2015

Göteborgs Film Festival
Swedish premiere

23 Jan–2 Feb, 2015

Docpoint, Helsinki
27 Jan–1 Feb, 2015

TEMPO Dokumentärfestival, Stockholm

2-8 mars, 2015

Cabinet, New York

23 April, 2015

Vera List Center for Art and Politics
, New York
25 April, 2015

The Swedish Film Institute, Stockholm
27 April, 2015

Busan Short Film Festival, Korea
24-28 April, 2015

Documenta International Film festival, Madrid
30 April-10 May, 2015

Oberhausen short film festival with Filmform
2 May, 2015

Docville International Film festival, Leuven
1-9 May, 2015

Nordic Docs, Oslo
28-31 May, 2015

Dokufest, Kosovo
8-16 August, 2015

34th Uppsala International Short film festival
19-25 oktober, 2015

19th Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival
27 October-1 November, 2015

32nd Kassel Documentary Film and Video Festival
10-15 November, 2015



White House
Washington D.C., USA
09 11 2012
President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama mark the 11th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks by observing a moment of silence.
©White House Gov.



Moments of Silence

Written and directed by
Bigert & Bergström


Dino Jonsäter

Sound design
David Österberg

Graphic design
Björn Kusoffsky

Oscar Larsson

Archive research
Annelie Bergman

Jennifer Evans

Moments of Silence
is produced by Bigert & Bergström
In co-production with
SVT/ Kortfilm, Andrea Östlund
With the support of
Swedish Film Institute, Cecilia Lidin

© Bigert & Bergström 2014

Moskow, USSR 03 13 1985
Moskow, USSR 03 13 1985
Minamisoma, Japan 04 12 2011
Erbil, Iraq 1989


Studio Bigert & Bergström

Västmannagatan 73, ög
113 26 Stockholm


Mats Bigert
0708 57 86 52

Lars Bergström
0708 57 86 53

Representerade av:
Gallery Niklas Belenius, Stockholm

Galerie Barbara Thumm, Berlin
Cis Art Lodgers, Barcelona



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