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We’re glad to see that our film Moments of Silence is shown at so many good  festivals around the world. The film, which premiered a year ago at the Copenhagen DOX festival, is a collage of archival footage depicting people gathering in mute testimony. The first widely observed national moment of silence took place in England on 11 November 1919 to commemorate Armistice Day, the end of WW1. For two minutes, transportation halted; factories broke off production; telephone exchanges ceased to connect calls. The power of the ritual was immediately recognized and it now takes place across the world in various contexts. Today, seeing parts of the world afflicted by gross violence and an unfathomable refugee crisis, the ritual of observing a moment of silence is one of the few that brings people together no matter their differences. It is a powerful act which we should use in order to show our solidarity with those who do not even have a voice, much less the privilege to observe a silent recognition of their suffering.

34th Uppsala International Short film festival
19-25 oktober, 2015

19th Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival
27 October-1 November, 2015

32nd Kassel Documentary Film and Video Festival
10-15 November, 2015

Read more about the film here.

W-day Warzaw, 2013


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