The Weather War

Swedish artist duo Bigert & Bergström embark on a mission to stop a tornado. In the end of May 2011 the artists are traveling to the Mid-West of the US together with Canadian meteorologist and storm chaser Mark Robinson. Their goal is to hunt down a tornado and place an invention - The Tornado Stopper - in front of the approaching twister. This sculptural machine, built on a theory by Russian scientist Vladimir Pudov, radiates 100000 negative volts and will repel the positive charge of the tornado, which the theory holds to be the reason for it to touch down ground.

The South East of the US has recently been hit by massive storms containing vast numbers of tornadoes. The destruction has been devastating and up to 300 people has been killed. As the atmosphere heats up due to global warming, the difference in temperature between air masses might create more hurricanes, storms, and tornados. And if preventive measures to reduce CO2 emissions fails, we might find ourselves in a situation where we have to start taking action, and using means not only to protect ourselves against the weather, but to actually modify and tame it.

This passage following the artists as they wage war against weather is part of their new upcoming film The Weather War - an art/documentary film dealing with the human quest to tame the uncontrollable.

Tornado Stopper machine/sculpture
High voltage generator, aluminum,
pvc, vivac, delerine, steel, mdf-board
150 x 270 x 150 cm
Bigert & Bergström 2011




Studio Bigert & Bergström

Västmannagatan 73
113 26 Stockholm


Mats Bigert
+46 708 57 86 52

Lars Bergström
+46 708 57 86 53

Represented by:
Gallery Niklas Belenius, Stockholm

Galerie Barbara Thumm, Berlin
Cis Art Lodgers, Barcelona


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