The Weather War, 2012, 58 min. HD

The Weather War is a documentary/art film about man’s attempts to control the weather and harness it for his own purposes. In a blend of land art performance and road movie, artist duo Bigert & Bergström travel to the US tornado belt with their special machine-sculpture, the Tornado Diverter. The goal: To stop a tornado. Along the way, we see historical examples of how the science of meteorology developed in symbiosis with military goals and how these visions evolved into modern ideas of geo-engineering. Controversial ideas with socio-political consequences, spotlighting the big question of who is really entitled to modified weather.

In a larger perspective, the film features the problems faced worldwide due to global climate change. How do we behave to meet those challenges? Do we adapt? Or do we wage war against increasingly aggressive weather phenomena? Bangladesh is building protective walls against coming floods. China shoots rockets into threatening clouds. And in Italy, anti-hail cannons are fired to protect the year’s wine harvest.

This is the final film in the trilogy that Bigert & Bergström have been working with since 2002, dealing with the human obsession with control. The first film, Last Supper from 2005, is about the last meal offered to death row inmates before their execution. In 2008 came Life Extended, a film on the contemporary dream of a longer, or even eternal, life.

The Weather War was produced by Ginestra Film in collaboration with SVT K-Special and with the support of the Swedish Film Institute, Nordic Film & TV Fund and The MEDIA Program of the European Union.

Screenings/Exhibitions The Weather War

Moderna Museet, Stockholm, 2012
CPH:DOX, Copenhagen, 2012
Gothenburg International Film Festival, 2013
Planete Doc, Warsawa, 2013
CinemAmbiente, Torino, 2013
Docville International Film Festival, Leuven, 2013
Swedish Institute, Paris, 2013
Doclounge, Malmö, 2013
Barcelona International Environmental Film Festival, 2013
Hirschorn Museum, Washington, 2014
Galerie Barbara Thumm, Berlin, 2014
Summerhall, Edinburgh, 2014
21C Museum, Louisville, 2014
“Slow Future,” CCA, Warzaw, 2014
“Strange Weather,” Science Gallery, Dublin, 2014
Environmental Film Festival Melbourne, Australia 2014
Kassel Documentary Film and Video Festival, 2014
Växjö Konsthall, 2015
STUK, Leuven, 2016
Doc en Mai, Bordeaux, 2016
Power Station of Art, Shanghai, 2016

Joplin, Missouri, USA
On May 22nd, 2011, a FE-5 tornado
destroyed large areas of the city.



Written and Directed by Bigert & Bergström
Produced by Antonio Russo Merenda
Cinematography Lars Siltberg
Editing Kristofer Nordin
Original Music OCSID
Carl Michael von Hausswolff, Jean-Louis Huhta and Edvard Graham Lewis
Graphic Design Björn Kusoffksy Sthlm Design Lab
Costumes B&B Nina Sandström
Digital Effects, 3D, On-Line Alphaville
Additional Cinematography Charlie Drevstam, Sofia Olsson Studio
Technical Manager Jens Lind
Grading Jonas Jangvald The Chimney Pot
Sound Design and Mix Thomas Huhn Ljudligan
Research Malin Nordström
Runner Bangladesh Adnan Wahid, Runner Italy Alberto Berardo, Runner Mid-West USA Chelsea Turner
Translations Åsa Sandzén, Jordan Newhouse Subtitels, Jennifer Evans
Special Thanks Henric Larsson, The Chimney Pot, David Wilson & Paul Sturz, Nathaniel Taylor, KTH Edoardo Fracchia, Stefilm Municipality of Barbaresco, Tove Torbiörnsson, Vera Bonnier
The Weather War is produced by Ginestra Film, Antonio Russo Merenda in co-production with SVT/ Arts & Culture, Emelie Persson with the support of Swedish Film Institute, Cecilia Lidin, Nordisk Film & TV Fond, Karolina Lidin, Nordvision in association with DR, Mette Heiberg YLE, Mary Gestrin
Developed with the support of: The MEDIA Programme of the European Community
©Ginestra Film 2012


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