Pep Talk, 1999

In the works of the Swedish artist duo, Mats Bigert and Lars Bergström, the intricate mixture of technological brilliance and socio-political sensitivity often dazzles the viewer, and ...
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Love Is In The Air, 1997

This installation borrowed its title from the famous song celebrating the anti-gravitational aspects of love. The installation consisted of an exploded chamber where only the skeleton of the ...
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Koma-Amok, 1997

In the forest, far away from civilization, a faint mechanical ticking sound can be heard. Among moss and tree trunks stands a broken down traffic sign that with no apparent reason switches ...
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Therapy Taxi, 1996-97

Therapy Taxi (1996–97) provides a regular taxi service in a modified Volkswagen Space Wagon model 1996. Upon the ...
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Bubblegum Pink, 1996

The expression Bubblegum Pink originated in the American prison system. The color was used in special cells to calm and soothe aggressive prisoners. In the installation ...
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Adrenaline Dream, 1993

The installation “Adrenaline Dream” was made for the Aperto section of the Venice Biennal in 1993. It was a two-part installation: a camouflaged greenhouse flanked by two pulsating ...
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Studio Bigert & Bergström

Västmannagatan 73
113 26 Stockholm


Mats Bigert
+46 708 57 86 52

Lars Bergström
+46 708 57 86 53

Represented by:
Gallery Niklas Belenius, Stockholm

Galerie Barbara Thumm, Berlin
Cis Art Lodgers, Barcelona


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